What does an EOC Director do?

Marek Zoubek is the Director of the fictional Emergency Operations Center in Vltava Rising

An Emergency Operations Center is a centralized command and control facility that is activated during a crisis. It is a place where various stakeholders will congregate to share information, and to ensure a common, unified picture of the crisis, in order to facilitate critical decision-making.

During a crisis, the EOC Director has overall responsibility and oversight for things such as:

  • Establishing strategic priorities
  • Ensure information flow to the public
  • Declare a local State of Emergency
  • Issue evacuation orders
  • Request support from regional/national authorities
  • Conduct media interviews

During an emergency, the first priority is always people. However, cultural heritage is interwoven into cultural identity; so much so, that a loss of cultural heritage can create feelings of a loss of identity. That is why it is important to think of the ways we can protect, maintain, and preserve cultural heritage BEFORE a crisis emerges.

Check out EU Interreg ProteCHt2save’s Decision Support Tool to learn what you can do BEFORE a crisis emerges, so that you are better prepared to handle it when it does.

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