Why is there a Media Liaison in the EOC?

During a crisis, information flow is crucial.  Citizens are concerned, and responders need updates.  

As a result, a Media Liaison (sometimes referred to as a Public Affairs Coordinator) is a critical part of the EOC team.  She ensures:

  • Clear lines of communication between the EOC and members of the press
  • Information is disseminated through multiple means (i.e. traditional media and social media platforms)
  • Continuity of message between all members of the EOC and responders (i.e. “Talking Points”)
  • Press releases, educational flyers, safety tips, etc. are disseminated in a timely manner
  • Information is disseminated in requisite languages for the target audience

In the EOC in Vltava Rising, Irena Neruda is diligently working to disseminate information and also prepare talking points for the other members of the EOC.

The Media Liaison in the EOC, Irena Neruda.

And Interreg Central Europe’s ProteCHt2save project is also ensuring that the message gets out about the steps you can take before a crisis to preserve cultural heritage. Click on the links below to learn more about project accomplishments in the language of your choice.

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